Northeast Hot Air RV'ers Come camp with us in 2024. Official dates to be announced.
Northeast Hot Air RV'ersCome camp with us in 2024.  Official dates to be announced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel to email us with any questions you may have

I sent in my membership application, where is my registration?

Parking assignments are typically mailed around Labor Day.


Membership applications are accepted online beginning in late May or early June.


If you will be out of town at the beginning of September and unable to receive your mailing, or have any questions about your membership, please contact us at 

Is this a Campground?

No.  The camper parking area is not a "campground" - it is simply an open, unimproved field that Warren County generously allows the club to use for one weekend a year.  


There are no hookups for water, sewer, or power.  RVs MUST have integrated holding tanks for fresh, black, and grey water. Generators must have stacks and all garbage must go home with you.  No campfires or open flame of any kind are allowed.  


The Northeast Hot Air RV'ers makes no claims as to the suitability of the site for RV parking and assumes no responsibility for your vehicle.


Why would we want to become a member?


Hot Air Balloons are scheduled to launch from the airport 4 times over the course of the weekend during the Adirondack Balloon Festival (weather and wind permitting):  Friday and Saturday evenings between 5-6 pm, Saturday and Sunday mornings at dawn between 6:30 -7:30 am. 


Since we are already parked on site, we can simply step out of our campers, walk to the end of the field with our chairs, and enjoy the launches.  We have no traffic to sit in and we have one of the best views around.


If you want to go down to the airport to see the balloons up close, you can do that too!  There is a free bus that you can ride down to the airport grounds on one of the (traffic free) service roads.  

Why do you have SO many rules?

The short answer is: Safety.


The parking area is not a “campground” - the club is only allowed to park on the airport grounds through the generosity of Warren County. 


The rules have been created based on the County’s wishes and by club vote, and are designed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all club members.


Please obey the rules so that the club can continue to enjoy the Balloon Festival for years to come. 

This is our first year, how does this work?

Here are the highlights:

  • The club is run 100% by member volunteers. Please be patient and kind.
  • Upon submitting your membership application and dues, you become a club member. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING YOU ARE MAILED.
  • You will receive a parking assignment for your RV and a parking decal for a separate vehicle  (They are usually mailed around Labor Day.)  
  • RVs arrive at the field on Friday from 2 pm until 7:30/dark.  Member volunteers direct RVs to their assigned parking area.

  • If you are coming with a group, you must arrive together to park together. 
  • Once the RVs are parked, they are expected to remain parked for the duration of the gathering. Vehicles are not allowed to move in the field from sunset Friday until after the Sunday morning launch. 
    • There is a separate parking area for vehicles that wish to come and go during the weekend.  If you have a tow vehicle, you may detach it before 7:30 on Friday night and park it in the Towed Parking area. Many people leave their trucks attached all weekend and use a separate vehicle to come and go.  
    • Depending on where you are parked, it can be a bit of a hike from the parking area to your RV.  You may want to consider bringing a wagon if you will be carrying things to and from your parked car.
  • Members should check in at the Check-In Tent upon arrival.
  • The balloons are scheduled to launch Friday and Saturday evening and Saturday and Sunday Morning.  (fingers crossed for little wind and good weather).
  • There are club activities throughout the weekend and a membership meeting at 2pm on Saturday.
  • Following the Sunday morning launch, everyone packs up and goes home.  We must be off the field by 10 am.

Can we bring Friends?

You can absolutely have friends join you! 


However, we do not have sufficient parking for non-member vehicles.  If friends are coming, please have them park down at the airport and ride the bus up to the camping area, or they may park off-site and you can go pick them up.  


Overnight guests must sleep in your RV and all guests are required to follow the club rules like any other member. 


Please email us if you need suggestions for local places to park.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes!  Although Dogs are NOT allowed at ANY Balloon Launch sites or down at the main airport, dogs ARE allowed in the camping area.  Dogs must be current on all vaccines and must be leashed at all times.  You must clean up after your pet.

How do we get to the RV camping area?


  • From 1-87, take exit 19 (Rt 254, Quaker Road) EAST for approx 4 miles.
  • Go straight through the traffic light near Speedway Gas Station, and the one following it.  
  • At the next traffic light (with Fastenal on the right) turn LEFT onto the Boulevard. 
  • Take your 3rd left onto QUEENSBURY AVENUE. 
  • Go STRAIGHT through the traffic light at Dix Avenue. 
  • Proceed 3/4 mile to the top of the hill and turn LEFT into the parking area. (You must have your parking decal affixed to your windshield to get through the gate)
  • If you reach the airport entrance, you have gone too far.

Do you have handicapped accessible parking?

We have a separate parking area down at the airport or can make accommodations so you can park in the field. 


Please email us at so we can help you decide which option will work best for you.

What should I put for a parking choice?

Your parking choice depends on how you plan to spend your weekend.


If you will be coming in and out a lot, you may want section B as it is close to the Towed Parking area.


Sections C & D are in the center.  They are closer to the check-in tent where the pizza and chicken dinners are dropped off and the kids’ activities are held.


Section E is closer to the movie tent, trolley stop and ice cream tent.


The field is a longer walk, but you have more freedom on where to park and how to arrange the RVs if you are in a group.  However, if the weather's bad, you run a higher risk of getting stuck in the mud.

What are the dues used for?

All dues are used to support the club and the Festival. 


Expenses include:

  • Sponsorship of 2 hot air balloons at the Festival
  • Parking Decals
  • Transportation to the Airport (Bus/Trolley)
  • Tent Rental
  • Commemorative Club Pins or Decals
  • Postage and PO Box rental fees
  • Coffee and Donuts
  • Website Fees
  • Supplies

Members may request a copy of the treasurers report by emailing us.

Why should I attend the Saturday member meeting?


  • The member meeting is the opportunity to meet the committee members and club officers. 
  • It gives the officers a chance to disseminate club information in person.   
  • It is also the perfect forum for members to speak up with concerns, questions about the rules, or anything else they feel the club should address. 
  • There is an an officer election every 2 years. The next election is in 2024.
  • Balloon ride tickets, 50/50 raffle tickets, and door prize tickets are drawn at the meeting – you must be present to win.

The weather looks bad, can I get a refund?

Sorry, but no.  The dues are paid to join a club, not rent a space at a campground.  By the time the weekend of the festival arrives, the club has already obligated and likely expended the annual funds it collected.  The majority of the club's expenses are paid for prior to the actual Festival.


Even if the balloons don't fly for every launch, there are still plenty of activities to make the weekend fun and enjoyable. 

How can I help?

We need volunteers to work during the festival for 2-hour shifts!  

  • Gate Keepers at our access gate to make sure that vehicles entering have a parking permit.   (Friday and Saturday - all hours)
  • Early birds to help at the coffee and donut tent (Saturday and Sunday early am)
  • Traffic Directors to stand in the field to direct the RVs to parking locations.  (Friday only 1 - 8 pm)
  • Check-in table workers to check members in, sell 50/50 tickets, chicken dinner tickets, pins, club merchandise, etc.  (Friday 1-8 pm and Saturday 8 am -12 pm)

Please indicate your preferred time/activity on your application or contact us at to schedule a shift to work.


What else is there to do nearby?

Warren County is full of wonderful campgrounds and amazing things to see and do. 


Please visit the Warren County Tourism site for more details.

Adirondack Balloon Festival

The Adirondack Balloon Festival is a not-for-profit organization run strictly by volunteers.  They rely on the local community for support to put on this amazing event. 

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